Smart and practical

Shoe trays are a smart and practical way to store and organise wet and dirty footwear all year round. No matter how wet or dirty your footwear is, there's almost always a bit of dirt or water underneath, which can stain and smudge the floor when left directly on it - besides looking unattractive. The shoe trays invite people to place their footwear in the trays and collect dirt, grass, sand and water there instead of on the floor.

Rubber is a relatively heavy material, which means that the shoe trays lie well and stable on the floor no matter what the floor is, so they don't slide around on the floor. The shoe trays are also resistant to underfloor heating.

Great versatility throughout the home

Tica Trays/Shoe Trays are primarily for footwear, as the name describes, but actually have a number of other great uses;

  • Underlay when planting flowers about or working with anything that stings ex anything that contains oil e.g. cycling.
  • Underlay for plants on the balcony/home
  • Underlay for food/water bowls for pets that often swing on the floor around.

3 sizes

There are 3 different sizes of shoe trays to choose from. All are 38 cm in length, which is adapted to fit a size 46 shoe on the shoe tray. The edges are about 2-3 cm high depending on the design.

28 x 38 x 3 cm / Small
This is made for a single pair of adult shoes. It can fit 2 children's shoes across. This size is not just for the home, but is perfect to keep in the car for dirty walking/running shoes, so the car doesn't get messed up with wet/dirty shoes and boots.

48 x38 x 3 cm / Medium
This size is made for 2 pairs of adult shoes or several children's shoes. Typically this size is also used for pet water and food bowls.

88 x 38 x 3 cm / Large
This size fits 4 pairs of adult shoes or several more children's shoes. It is the best selling and obvious family shoe box.

5 designs

Footwear; is the first design we launched in 2012 and is prints of shoes and boots. The design illustrates what the shoeboxes are for and is a slightly humorous and cosy.

Graphic; are graphic squares and triangles interacting graphically, giving a more streamlined look and the edges are completely square.

Dot; has become a true classic. Neutral pattern with dots and the shoeboxes have round edges. Fits in just about anywhere.

Leaves; a pattern with different leaves, inspired by nature and the seasons. Leaves is a cosy pattern for footwear.

Lines; is the latest pattern created in a play with lines. The design is not symmetrical and is not exactly the same in on the different sizes of shoe bags and rugs - but has the same look. A very modern and simple pattern that has an exclusive look.