We invite you to our world of tica copenhagen to help you create a great first impression in your home. Going out or coming home, your entrance is the gateway to a beautiful home. We design and produce practical, functional, attractive and high quality doormats, shoe trays, floor mats and racks in unique colours and patterns that are distinctively Scandinavian. A new generation of long-lasting products that offer new alternatives to traditional coir mats or plastic trays.


Unique MIX and MATCH concept, combine tica colours and patterns together and create a unique look for your home.
Multifunctional, fits anywhere in your home, office or hotel and can be used for many purposes all year round.
Full range for hallway, doormats, floor mats, trays and racks.
Genuine quality and long lasting products, the trays are made from 60% recycled hard wearing rubber and our floor mats from robust and in strong polyamide which is machine washable.


Every home needs a good first impression.
Our mix and match concept inspires you to combine several products that go together.
Options all year round, for the house or the cottage, for snow boots or sandy sandals.
Use for many purposes, inside and outside the house, on the balcony, in the hallway, bathroom, kitchen...


tica copenhagen was founded in 2008 by Tina Bremholm, whose drive and motivation was, and still is, to develop and design products that solve challenges no one else has solved before - or at least to solve them in a new and more delicious way.

"When I started in 2008, we were living in a total buy-and-forge era, which is very much against how I was raised and want to live. Therefore, my motivation to create tica copenhagen was very much related to developing good quality products that could last for many years and that could fit into any home and any space." CEO Tina Bremholm

Today, tica copenhagen consists of a unique collection of doormats, rugs, runners, shoe boxes and bookcases, all developed in the best materials without compromising on quality, functionality and design. 

"tica copenhagen's products must be smart and functional as well as create value for those who use them. By this I mean real value, not just decorative value such as a candlestick that creates more cosiness. It has to make a difference and preferably a visible difference in the good everyday life. That's absolutely crucial for me." CEO Tina Bremholm

The goal of tica copenhagen is to continue to develop the tica universe, most recently with the launch of Stripes of tica collection consisting of rugs and runners in vertical and horizontal stripes in the autumn's latest colours. Again, functionality and quality are not compromised. The rugs come in several sizes and all have an underlying non-slip layer so they won't slip on the floor.

"Again the focus is on the functional and I think we have succeeded so well!" CEO Tina Bremholm

tica copenhagen is now distributed across most of Europe as well as the US and Tina has no intention of stopping here. She continues the journey of wanting to solve and inspire with her many ways to meet the challenges we all may have in our everyday lives, both when we go out but also when we come home.
Welcome to tica copenhagen's universe of functional and beautiful rugs, mats and furniture for every purpose in every home!