Welcome to Tica Copenhagen.

At tica, we want to meet everyday challenges and help you create a welcoming, tidy and practical home. We specialize in products designed for the entrance hall to create an inviting and functional space. Our slogan, "making an entrance", symbolizes the idea of ​​creating a welcoming experience and good atmosphere from the moment you step through the door.

The entrance hall plays a crucial role in making your home welcoming and functional. It provides the first impression to your guests and is the place where you start and end your day. By merging aesthetics with functionality, you can design a space that is not only inviting but also aids in organizing and simplifying daily tasks. Tica offers practical and aesthetic solutions for both the entrance and the entire home through our Tica Collection. 


Tica Copenhagen is a unique collection of carpets, runners, mats, doormats, shoe trays, and racks. Besides offering a comprehensive range for the entrance hall, our products are designed to serve multiple purposes throughout your home.

The high quality and design of our floor mats make them ideal as rugs and runners in various rooms in your home. They can be used as runners in the living room, bedroom, and kitchen, or as a cozy rug in the bathroom, bedroom, and home office. They protect the floors, insulate, and provide warmth.

Tica Racks are perfect for organized shoe storage and also function as stylish, modern shelving units. Whether placed in the bathroom, the teenager's room, or used as a bedside table, their versatile design combines lightness and functionality with modern aesthetics.

Our Tica Trays are essential for keeping your home tidy throughout the year. These smart trays offer practical storage for wet and dirty footwear, sports equipment, and even serve as a sturdy base for pet food and water bowls. They can also be used for planting flowers and pre-sprouting.


Tica products are designed to endure the rigors of daily life. We aim to produce high-quality items that stand the test of time, offering durable solutions that cater to our customers' long-term needs.

"In 2008, I noticed we lived in a prevalent buy-and-throw-away culture, which starkly contrasted with my upbringing and lifestyle. This motivated me to establish Tica Copenhagen. My goal was to create high-quality products that could last for many years and seamlessly fit into any home or space".

CEO Tina Bremholm

All products are developed using the finest materials, without compromising on quality, functionality, and design. The durable materials employed can endure numerous steps and shoes. Year after year.


Tina Bremholm established Tica Copenhagen in 2008. Possessing a business background, her years of experience in design and interior decoration are evident in every product, and she is personally behind the design of all products. Tina dedicates her time to studying trends and tendencies, with a particular focus on Danish modern design. This influence is apparent in each product. She has succeeded in creating a robust Scandinavian brand, which is now available across Europe and the USA.

"Our products must be stylish and functional, as well as create value for those who use them. These products should make a difference in everyday life. This is absolutely crucial to me."

CEO Tina Bremholm


Tica is a fusion of Tinas (ten) and Care (ca), embodying the company's fundamental ethos of "Care for the home". Tica is dedicated to creating an environment of comfort and well-being, choosing only the finest materials and designing functional, stylish products that address a need in the home. The mission of Tica is to transform your home into a space where well-being and functionality coexist, making it not merely a place to reside, but a place where you truly relish your time and feel genuinely at home.


• The feeling of a welcoming home for you and your guest

• To create a cosy atmosphere in the room adding warmth & comfort

• The art of beautiful design & colors that enhance the room

• Celebrating everyday life with practical home solutions that make daily tasks a breeze


• Strong niche concept with a complete range for the entrance

• Products with multiple functions throughout the home

• Products that are useful and live all year round

• Products that can be combined with their matching designs

• High quality products that combine aesthetics and functionality

• Products with easy cleaning and maintenance