Sustainability can be many things, but for Tica Copenhagen it has always been a high priority and something we are still working hard to develop, together with our business.

We want to inspire people to decorate more sustainably and it is therefore our ambition to constantly optimise our own awareness in this area.


At Tica Copenhagen, we have always focused on sustainability and responsible production. That is why it has always been of great importance where we have our products produced and today have it produced in Belgium in Europe. Belgium has a long experience in producing this type of mats and carpets and we have been working with the same factory for a number of years. The factory is ISO 9001 certified and complies with all EU environmental regulations. The factory is also REACH certified. REACH is the EU's common chemicals legislation and has been called the strictest of its kind in the world. Its aim is to ensure that the products you buy in the EU are not harmful to people or the environment.

The carpets, mats and runners are made of polyamide, a soft nylon material that is very durable and water-absorbent. Despite strong sunlight, they keep their colours well.

The back is made of vinyl without phalates, which is very durable and makes the carpet lie well and stable on the floor. It does not stain and can withstand underfloor heating.

Due to the selected durable materials and the many uses around the home, it gives the rugs a long life and therefore e helps to do away with our sometimes "use and throw away culture".


The shoe trays are cast in metal moulds using 60% recycled rubber in South India from mainly tyres which are remelted and residues from other rubber products such as baskets. The rest is natural rubber produced in India. Rubber is a tough and solid material, so the shoe trays will last for many years. The material is also soft, so the edges won't crack even if you step on them.