Tica Copenhagen's floor mats have many uses, not least because they are developed in many different sizes, each carefully designed for where in the home they can be useful.
Below is a brief description of the different sizes, from the small floor mat to the long runner, to help you find the right size for your needs.
40 X 60 CM
Is the smallest size and seems very small at first. We think so too, but it's actually the 2nd best selling size. Because it's perfect outside the door, if you live in an apartment block and don't need such a big mat outside the door. Here a rubber mat can also be good.
If you have an exit door from the kitchen or living room or room to the terrace/terrace/garden and don't really want or need a very large mat, then 40x60 cm is perfect. It takes just the worst of the dirt as you rush in and out and doesn't take up/look too much.
60 X 90 CM
This size is the best selling and the obvious hallway mat. Door widths are typically 90 cm, so it's the classic mat size for your hallway.
67 X 120 CM
Here's the perfect little runner or mat for a 1.5 or double door. For example from living room/kitchen to terrace.
Maybe you have a not so wide entrance door where it fits perfectly or a small hallway where it's nice to have something on the floor for practical reasons but also because it's pretty. It's a super nice size for the bathroom and by your bed in the bedroom.
67 x 150 CM
Here we have a classic runner size for a hallway or kitchen where it's nice to stand on something that can also pick up any grease and food scraps. It's also great for the bedroom.
67 X 200 CM
With a width of 67 cm and 2 m in length, this is a classic runner for hallways, corridors in your home, but is also great in the kitchen and bedroom.
90 X 130 CM
This size is relatively now and has become extremely popular in a short time.
With door widths of typically 90 cm, it fits flush to flush in a lot of homes. At 130 cm in length, it's great in your hallway/bridges and when you like to have a large mat to walk on into the room.
We even see many customers placing 2 of these in line with each other, because it just works really well if you have the space.
The size also works really well in rooms where it's a bit more of a rug than a runner.