Great versatility throughout the home

Tica Copenhagen's floor mats and runners are useful all year round to protect the floor and can be used in many rooms;

  • At the front door in the hallway/entrance/walkway and utility room
  • At all exits in the house and apartment ex from kitchen/living room/room to terrace/garden/alley to wipe water, dirty feet/shoes and protect the floor you step on.

Easy to clean

The mats are easy to keep clean with vacuuming and the smaller sizes (40x60 cm and 60x90 cm) are easy to wash in the washing machine at 30 degrees. Stains can be easily removed with ordinary detergent and a wet cloth - the polyamide material is quite tough and can take a beating.


All Tica Copenhagen mats up to size 67 X 120 cm can typically be washed in the washing machine at a maximum of 30 degrees

They are NOT tumble dryable, but this is not really necessary. After they have been in the washing machine, simply wipe the back with a dry cloth and then lay the mat on the floor and the pile will dry nicely.

They are easy to keep clean with a vacuum cleaner and a wet cloth with a little detergent if a stain has appeared. They are very hard-wearing. But don't use harsh cleaners like chlorine.

Depending on the floor, dirt can creep in under the mat, which can cause it to slide a bit depending on the flooring material. Here, you can simply wash the underside.

Should anything unexpected occur or if you have any questions about cleaning, please feel free to contact us via the contact form on this website.